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If you are looking for the best restaurant in Hounslow, you have come to the right place. Burgers seem to be the most sought-after street food in London, or at least equally likable as pizza. In this blog, we will be talking about a food joint that does not only provides the best grilled chicken burger in West London but also extremely appetizing platters. The food joint is called Dragons Peri Peri and you can find it at 173 Staines Road, Tw33LL Hounslow.

Dragons Peri Peri offers scrumptious grilled chicken burgers, chicken wings, lamb chops, and much more. Their handmade smokey sizzler is quite literally, out of this world. It is, as mentioned before, handmade. Their spice mix has all of its ingredients balanced in a way that none of them overpower each other and one can have a distinctive taste of these all simultaneously. Their smokey sizzler will provide you with all of the spices and herbs along with the smokey texture that makes these flavors pop out even more. The next thing to look for in the best chicken in West LondonDelicious Fresh Chicken WingsTakeaway Burger in Hounslow is obviously, the flavors.

Although they offer an extensive menu that revolves around grilled meat street food, their burgers are a must. If you are a tourist in London, their grilled burgers are meant for you to try and have a taste of the West London street food. The grilled chicken burgers are cooked to perfection and paired with freshly made sauces that have been perfected over the years (as mentioned to us by the kitchen staff). Visit Dragons Peri Peri today and let us know what you think about their taste and customer service.

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