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If you are trying to find some of the best chicken in West London UK, you have come to the right place. Dragons Peri Peri has always wanted the best for its customers. Therefore, we are always in search of ways to make our best chicken in West London taste even better. Even though the ultimate star of our menu is our grilled chicken burger, the chicken pieces have a fan following of their own.

Dragons Peri-Peri offers fresh and flavorful chicken pieces freshly made as per your requirement. The first thing that will let you know how scrumptious our best chicken in West London is, is the color. Our customers always compliment that perfect gold color of our chicken pieces which is a sign of crunchy and delicious meat cooked to perfection.

We have made our name in the West London street food scene by constantly making improvements in our menu, both taste-wise as well as variety-wise. We are famous for our extensive menu as unlike other burger joints in West London, we provide much more than just burgers. Our goal was to diversify our menu and make sure everything on our menu is unique in taste.

According to our long-time customers, our chicken holds unique moisture and spicy flavor and it does not change no matter how long it’s been since they last tried them. You can come and try our best chicken in West London and much more for yourself at 173, Staines road, Tw33LL Hounslow. We appreciate honest feedback on our food’s taste as well as our services.

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